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About Us

IT-Novations is a trusted technology advisor and a leading provider of professional services for small and medium businesses. Founded by managers with many years of experience and certifications in the IT sector, IT-Novations helps companies increase their productivity and get a better return on their technological investments while allowing them to focus on the management of their activities..

IT-Novations works to provide technology services to small and medium-sized businesses. Our clients are companies whose activities depend on technology and which generally have 10 to 250 workstation.

Our continued success, built on the bond that unites our team of experienced professionals and our customers' users, demonstrates our commitment to providing cutting-edge technology with superior service.

We are aware that each company has its technological needs and its financial limits. This is why IT-Novations provides a real consulting experience by paying attention to your slightest needs and by providing recommendations that respond directly to them.

IT-Novations would like to establish a long-term technological partnership with you. We will assess the unique needs of your business and immediately start implementing solutions that work for you, whether it be a small glitch or a problem that affects the whole business. We take care of your needs so you can focus on your activities.

With IT-Novations you can:

Work with our network specialists to design profitable business solutions
Obtain powerful IT
Rely on qualified and experienced IT professionals who prioritize service
Protect yourself against IT threats and business continuity
Stay up to date with technological advances through regular technology reviews
Prevent disasters using a proactive service approach
Eliminate costly computer outages
Make sure your sensitive data is secure and recoverable
Increase productivity and reduce stress within your company

Thanks to IT-Novations, you will benefit from:

Peace of mind, knowing that you can focus on your activities, because you let us take charge of your information technology
Professional advice
Profitable solutions for SMEs
Turnkey solutions.
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